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Bandit stared at all that was going on, still confused. He pulled out his revolver and started shooting at Crystal’s wings. “DIE you evil demon who is taking control of random people for no apparent reason” shouted Bandit.

“Ah!” The doll mentally screeched, it felt that. Out of nowhere, a fireball was thrown, aiming at Bandit at high speeds, it looked strangely familiar

The strange fireball hit Bandit right in the face, sending him crashing to the floor. “AGGHHHH, YOU SON OF A FRICKEN BITCH!!!!” shouted Bandit, his face slighty scorched.  

Crystal was falling from the sky, unable to fly anymore from her wings being shot up. She was crying from how painful it was and was also scared she wasn’t going to be able to fly again if her wings healed wrong.

Bandit then saw Crystal falling from above. With one giant leap he fell to the floor, with Crystal in his arms.  

Crystal was crying her eyes out, clutching the doll tightly still.

Instead of another fireball, several arrows were aiming at him. “Shhh, i know it hurts. I’ll take the pain for you” The doll said, unable to talk anymore from the pain

Crystal nodded to the doll and hugged it, kinda laying her head on it. “I can't fly dolly, what do I do now?” Crystal asked out loud, scared of what might happen and feels like the doll is good.

Bandit with some brute force, pulled the doll from Crystal’s hands. As the arrows came towards him, he pulled out his shield, deflecting the arrows. He then turned to look at the doll. “You, you evil creature. I will destroy your evil soul to restore peace to this world. I’m am Dragonborn, blessed with the power of Akatosh. I have destroyed Vampire lords, I have killed Daedric princes, I am a legend. You are nothing compared to me. I will destroy you!!!!”

Crystal stared at Bandit for a moment before starting to cry, crying her eyes out.

“I’m not like them! The demon was the one firing you thoughs arrows and fireball!” The doll said, pain in it’s voice “Get everybody out! The green shaman is trying to take Crystal! I was trying to hide her!” The doll said, crying from it’s button eyes. “It’s true Bandit” A familiar voice said. Roselust walked into the scene, her voice the same poker face as usual

Crystal tried to run away from everyone, scared of them all now since they seem to just wanna take everything from her that she likes. She was still crying as she ran.

“Bandit, just give her the doll back. Unless you really want her to be endanger” Roselust said looking at Crystal as she ran off

Crystal kept running and reached the edge of the cloud like platforms and quickly stopped, remembering she can’t fly and just turned around terrified, alone now and out of sight of everyone. Rose had just… disappeared again, like she had before.

Bandit stood there for a moment, then said. “Ahh, crap!!! Why, why am I so stupid!!!!” He ran forward in frustration, and ran straight into a wall. He backed up and then looked over at Roselust. “I’ll give the doll back, but first. It needs to be fixed. I think I know how to. But, ya’ll gonna have to come with me to do so.”

Crystal was all alone by the edge of the cloud platform, scared and crying, wanting the doll back so badly. Katie… was still asleep as Rose was still gone.

“Huh?” The doll quit crying, confused mostly

“I mean, look what I did to it” said Bandit, showing the doll to Roselust. “It was me who hurt this poor thing, so it’s my responsibility to fix it up.”

“Alright, unless this is your first time fixing one up anyways” Roselust pointed out “These dolls are like playmates for kids, i don’t clearly remember what they are called”

Crystal looked around in fear as her eyes spotted some dark figure in an alleyway that was near the nearest house. The dark figure was watching Crystal and giving her looks.

“Trust me, It’ll be fine. And besides, I won’t be doing the repairing. Fixing dolls ain’t my thing. Guns, blades and armor are, but not dolls. I have some friends who also might be able to help with these ‘issues.’ So, will you and Crystal come with me?”

Crystal wasn't even near them, she was staring at the figure as it slowly came out of the darkness of the alleyway. The figure was a girl and she has horns and 3 sets of dragon wings that were folded in. She slowly went over to Crystal, grabbed her and covered her mouth. Not letting her struggle or scream for help.

“Now, if ya comin, where is Crystal” said Bandit.

Crystal was trying to struggle but could barely move because the person had a firm grip on her. Crystal couldn't make a sound either like her voice had just disappeared. The figure started to drag Crystal back to the alleyway she had come out from.

Bandit started to walk around the room, trying to find Crystal. “Hello, Marco, where’d a go” he said, looking it ridiculous places where no person could be.

Crystal wasn't even in the palace, she was in an alleyway by the edge of the cloud platforms, trying to struggle to get free or to scream for help. She did somehow get her arm free and knocked something over, creating a loud banging sound that people almost everywhere there could hear. The figure regained her grip on Crystal, restraining her movement once more.

“Huh, what was that noise” said Bandit.

Crystal was crying her eyes out, trying to get free from the figure. She was so scared and terrified. Then figure unfolds their 3 sets of wings and flew off, holding Crystal. Crystal and the figure flew past a window that Bandit and Roselust could see out of. Making sure they'd see she took Crystal.

“Crystal!” The doll screamed, this time, others could hear it and not just Crystal. It sprouted pink angel wings and flew out of the window, not really caring that it was a bit damaged. Roselust saw this and her eyes tainted green for a moment, placing her hand at her mark where pain was shot threw her  “B-bandit, i won’t be around to help. You need to go” She said through gritted teeth

The figure flew very fast with her 3 sets of wings and continued to grip onto Crystal tightly. Crystal was trying to get free but eventually passed out from the figure place a cloth, covered in some gas which knocked her out so she'd stop struggling. The figure was flying fast out over an ocean.

“Wha??” said Bandit. He then saw Roselust’s eyes. “Um, yea, I think I understand. I’ll go after her now.” He then ran towards the the balcony and with a leap, jumped off the edge. Upon doing so a lightweight glider opened up, which had been stored in a bag, hidden behind his cape. He then flew on after the figure, determined to get Crystal back, and to not be a stupid idiot and do what he’d done earlier.  

The doll was trying it’s best to catch up, but at times, is getting pushed by the wind made from the kidnapper. Still it’s trying to get to Crystal “Almost there” It muttered, reaching out to her

Just then, Bandit came up behind the doll, gliding smoothly with his glider. “Hey there” said Bandit. “Look, I just want to apologise about earlier and stuff, and I’m sorry I was an Idiot. If you’ll let me, I’ll help you get Crystal back. Trust me, she’ll be safe.”

The figure almost immediately sped up even faster from hearing them talking. Her wings creating a huge amount of wind behind her. She was flying over a very deep ocean and seemed to be looking for something out here. When she did find it she stopped flying in mid-air and dropped Crystal. The spot had been the deepest part of the ocean and that's what she had been looking for. Crystal slowly sank to the bottom, not conscious to try and stay at the top of the water and not conscious to hold her breath. Crystal was drowning. And fast.

Bandit looked down as Crystal fell. He grabbed onto the doll and said “Well, no time to make decisions, Hold on.” He then started to dive bomb downwards towards the water. As he did so he pulled out small walkie talkie and said, “Record 1 9, Record 1 9, this is the Bandit calling motherbird, I need a pick up, and a-sap to.” On the other end of the line a voice said, “Sure thing buddy, e-vac will be arriving shortly.” “Thank you, over and out” said Bandit. He then put the walkie talkie back by his side and continued to fall towards the water.

The figure stayed above the water where she had dropped Crystal, watching Crystal drown. Crystal had already ran out of breath and was suffocating, lungs filling quickly with water as she continued to sink farther down into the water.

Bandit fell into the water with a splash, the force pushing him into the water. He started to swim down, with the doll in one hand. He, with difficulty, caught onto Crystal and started to swim up towards the surface. He then suffered, coughing for a moment from being under water. He looked up at the figure and shouted, “Ha, take that ya crazy, creepy thing. I saved her. And now, I have to go.” As he said this, the sound of a plane was heard up above in the clouds. Then, out of nowhere, came the plane, what looked to be a WW2 fighter plane but heavily modified. As the plane came closer and closer, Bandit (again with difficulty) put Crystal on his back, her limp arms hanging around his neck to stop her falling off. As he did this, he pulled out some sort of grappling gun and shot it at the plane. The grapple hooked onto the plane's wing,pulling Bandit, the doll and Crystal out of the water and onto the plane's wing. Bandit then quickly opened the cockpit and climbed into the plane.

Only thing Bandit didn't seem to notice was Crystal was not breathing and not moving. “You have no idea what you're gonna get yourself into Bandit,” said the figure. The figure then flew off at great speeds, Crystal on the brink of death.

Now inside the plane, Bandit put on a belt and took Crystal off his back. She wasn’t breathing, or moving either. “Matt, I need the Med kit, and pronto”. The Pilot, who was one of Bandit’s friends, quickly handed him a small medkit from the front seat, as his friend was flying the plane. Bandit put Crystal on his lap and quickly checked for a pulse. She was still breathing, just. Bandit started to do CPR on her, hoping she would live. “Come on, come on” he said, pushing on her chest to try and wake her up.

Only a bit of water came out but it wasn't enough, she was still technically drowning with all the water in her lungs. Eventually she did cough up a lot of water and started to breath near to normally but didn't wake up. She seemed pretty much fine now except for the fact she wasn't awake yet.

Bandit smiled at Crystal as she slept peacefully in his arms. “Matt, take us to HQ” said Bandit. “Roger that” said the man up front. The plane then began to fly off into the distance, and back towards the mainland.  

The figure looked pissed and seems to just fly back to the palace where Rose and Katie still were. Crystal lay quiet and peacefully in his arms, breathing normally again.

The doll was on a nearby table watching Bandit help Crystal “You know you could have just, let me hover” She said giving an awkward smile, her arms out as they dripped water, making a puddle around it. It’s attire and wings now blue all of a sudden

“Oh, sorry about that. I didn’t know you could that. Still, at least she’s safe now. Here,” said Bandit, handing the doll a cloth. “Dry yourself off. Don’t want anyone catching their death because of the cold, do we?”

Crystal lay asleep still, still wet from the ocean water. The figure snuck around the kingdom where Rose and Katie still were and eventually found Rose, who seemed to be trying to deal something with someone. It kinda looked like a sword with a rose pattern on the blade.

Bandit took a second cloth, putting it around Crystal to keep her warm. Just then the man flying said, “Hey Bandit, what the hell is going on today? I mean you call me in for an evac (Which happens very rarely by the way) and all you bring is a young girl and a fricken doll!!!! I’m confused.” Bandit laughed. “It’s crazy for me to Matt. I’ll tell you and the others everything when we get back.”

Crystal was still asleep as the figure came out from the shadows. The person Rose was dealing with had turned around to do something. The figure grabbed Rose, covering her mouth and dragging her off before the dealer turned back around. The figure seemed very vicious against Rose’s family.

“Hey!” The doll said, it’s voice muffled from the cloth “Guessing you two are new to the whole magic and fantasy thing. I can help explain” The doll said to Bandit “Anyways, i’m actually not part of the whole green corruption, i’m just given to Crystal by one cause she had a split personality, so she was a rebel at the same time a follower” It explained

“Oh, okay” said Bandit, “But I do already know a lot about this magic stuff, I mean I am Dragonborn myself.”

Crystal was peaceful. The figure knocked out Rose like she had done with Crystal and flew over the ocean, holding Rose in her arms, ready to drop her in another deep part, kinda near by Bandit and the others.

The doll looked out onto a window, seeing something hover “Hey Bandit, There’s the same creature the took Crystal. And it has Rose!” The doll said looking out

The figure folded in its wings and doves straight down into the water with Rose, using her wings to fly quickly near the bottom of the ocean, which is pretty deep and then the figure flies back up and glares at Bandit and the others, soaking wet.

Bandit stared at the figure for a moment. He then opened the cockpit, tied a rope to his waist and said, “Matt, fly a little lower please. I need to do another pick up.” “Sure” said Matt, flying the plane down towards the water. As soon as the plane was close enough, Bandit jumped into the water, instantly being pulled through the water because of the plane. The rope ment he kept going down until he saw Rose, now nearly at the bottom. He grabbed onto her and (With great force) Got pulled up towards the surface. As he flew into the air as the plane gained altitude he saw the figure close by. He shouted over to it, saying, “Take that you some bitch! YEEEHAWW!!!!” He then few up onto the wing, quickly squeezed Rose into the only empty seat, the gunner seat, and jumped back into the plane, closing the cockpit as he did so. “Matt, punch it” The plane then flew onwards towards the mainland, going much faster than before.

Rose’s lunges were filled with water like how Crystal was before. She was not breathing at all and was still drowning on the water that is in her lunges. She leamed/fell forward as her body was slowly going cold as she slowly died from drowning. The figure was just smirking, knowing Rose wouldn't survive this no matter what unless they somehow did get her to a hospital extremely quickly, but even then there was a possibility of her still dying. Rose wasn't gonna live much longer since her heartbeat was slowly down, slowly and she was slowly becoming pale at the same time as well as cold.

Bandit looked back at Rose as they flew off. She was dying, and needed care, fast! “Matt, punch the overdrive.” “Are you nuts!!!!” said Matt from the driver's seat, “We’ve hardly ever used it.” “Just PUNCH IT!” Matt quickly flicked a switch. The plane had four engines, the old WW2 engine at the front, two medium jets on each wing and another large jet mounted at the back. This jet fired up and all of a sudden, the plane flew off like a bullet, disappearing from the figures sight within seconds. The plane would make it. As the plane now flew over land, Bandit began to climb out of the cockpit. “What are you doing?” asked Matt. “Take the youngin and the doll back to the house. I’ll Parachute in, it’ll be faster.” “Are you nuts!” “No” said Bandit, “ I’m just doin my job” As he said this he climbed out, took Rose and began to fall towards the ground, opening the parachute as he did so.   

The presume of the wind flying pasted them pushed on her chest, putting her in a lot of pain. She still could not breathe, let alone try.

Meanwhile, on the ground outside a large wooden and stone house, two girls were sitting in deck chairs, enjoying the sunshine. “Ahh, what a flippen good day” said one of them. “Ehh, ain’t too bad” said the other. “Wait, is, is that Bandit….parachuting in?” As the first girl finished saying this, Bandit landed on the ground. As soon as he did so, he began to run towards them, dropping the parachute as he ran. He came up to the first girl and said, “Hannah, I need your medical skills,, and quick!!” “Wait, woh, woh, what’s going on Bandit?” said Hannah. She was wearing a simple white tank-top and skinny jeans. She had long, brown hair and red eyes. “No time to explain Hannah, this person's life is at stake!” “Holy Crap!” said Hannah, “bring her into the kitchen, I’ll deal with it. What’s wrong with her anyways?” “She nearly drowned in the flippen ocean, her lungs are full of water”  said Bandit, now very frustrated. “Alright, I’ll take her. You stay here” said Hannah. She then took Rose with her into the kitchen of the house. The other women stood up, stared over at Bandit and said, “you really get up to some crazy things Bandit.” “Ahh, shut up Alice, this ain’t the time” said Bandit. “Yeesh, just sayin.” Just then, Matt came running up, with Crystal in his hands and the doll on his shoulder. “Ya okay there?” asked Matt to the doll.   

Rose was pale white and cold to the tough, she wasn't breathing and practically no heartbeat at all. Crystal was waking up and looked scared because she could sense her mother on the brink of death. She was on the verge of tears that were welling up in her eyes.

Hannah carried Rose into the kitchen and then into a sitting room. She quickly lay her on the ground and began to use CPR on her, hoping for dear god that she’d live. Bandit could her her working inside, which made him feel scared. He to hoped he’d been able to save Rose on time.

Rose was not responding. Crystal was starting to cry as well.

The doll looked at Matt “Yeah, i’m fine. Guessing Bandit gets through a lot of crazy adventures after you guys talked. He must be some adventurer” The doll said. Blue wings appeared on her back as she glided to Crystal’s shoulder, letting her wings disappear into fading particles “It’s ok Crystal, she’ll make it” It said hugging Crystal’s head

Crystal didn't seem to think the doll was right since she could sense Rose still not responding. She was so scared to lose her mother. So scared of who that one person was. She wished she would help but she couldn't. Or maybe that one green acid person could. A deal with them might have them bring her mother back if she did die. But she had no clue if they could or not.

The doll looked at Crystal “You’re not thinking of talking to the green souls do you?” The doll asked, mentioning the green people who tried to take away Crystal

Crystal had a quiet calm voice, “could they bring my mommy back?” she said still crying a bit. Rose was pale, cold and still, nothing seemed to be helping her at all. She was not breathing and she couldn't try anyways. Rose had truly passed away.

The doll looked nervous “Hmm, i suppose. The queen, also known as the shaman. Could, unless we go into an entirely different dimension, which a ghost named Roselust can open cause she made a deal with the shaman” It said looking at Bandit, then Crystal with a nervous expression, just talking about the queen can send chills down it’s spine, if it had any bones

Just then, Hannah ran out from the house. “She’s not breathing Bandit, I’ve done all I can.” Bandit looked over at the doll, then over at Crystal. “Alright doll, tell me more about these, green souls and Shaman stuff.”

The doll nodded “The green souls live in a dimension called the grey forest. Each time they touch part of it, parts of where they touch it will turn into the same color as the soul. For instance, Roselust’s soul. She has a red soul which are considered the most violent” The doll said, not sure what to say with her soul “The green souls, they are one of the more peaceful once, they can easily make friends with others or corrupt others with their poisons, which they also have in their body like the air they breath out and blood. The shaman, or queen. When it comes to other dimensions, she can start wars and doesn’t worry about her allies, she’s one of the high rankings in the dimension!” It said, her attire switching to green “She’s the most peaceful one, so we have better chances on letting her help us then the other rulings”

Crystal hugged the doll, wanting to know where the Queen person was. She wanted her mother back so badly. She was scared without her. She was crying still, she wanted to see her mom, but alive.

The doll looked at Bandit “So, if we are going to get Rose back by the Queen. Then you better not pull out your weaponry or we’ll get in trouble” It said hugging back Crystal

“Alright, alright, I’ll be more careful” said Bandit. “But, may I ask? Can my friends tag along, for safety reasons I mean?”

The doll face palmed by the idea before sighing loudly “Fine, but just two, the fewer we are. The more welcoming the green souls will be” It said, stuck to Crystal’s hug

“Okay, Hannah, you come with me. The rest of you, stay here.” Matt and Alice sighed and groaned, but seemed to go with the idea. “Just wait a moment, we need to get some equipment” said Bandit.

Crystal jut continued to hug the doll, loving the thing and how it's so pretty. It kinda calms her down even tho her mother had just died.

“Alright”  It said to Bandit. Turning to Crystal, then an idea popped in the doll’s head. It inhaled then exhaled green smoke that soon formed different types of animals, Crystal and herself “Look Crystal, It you!” It cheered, pointing at the small green figure

Bandit smiled, then walked into the house, closely followed by Hannah. “Hay, wanna come inside?” asked Matt to Crystal and the doll.

Crystal kinda froze up, knowing her mother was inside, dead. She was scared to see her, not wanting to see her dead like this. She looked at the doll, wondering what she should do. She didn’t wanna go inside but she also didn’t want to stay outside either. She had no idea what she should do.

“Maybe we can stay somewhere that Crystal won’t see her mother in the kitchen” The doll said, sensing Crystal’s distress about the thought of having to see a corpse

“Alright, We can go out into the barn over there” said Matt. “That okay?”

Crystal looked at the doll again, kinda liking the idea and smiles a bit.

Matt smiled to, “Come on, this way” he said, walking over to a large wooden and brick barn.

Crystal sniffles and hugged the doll tighter before slowly following after Matt. She was smiling a bit still.

As the doll was carried to a brick barn, the green figures followed along, the Crystal figure was riding a horse as it followed by Crystal the same pace

Matt walked over to the barn door, and slowly opened it.

Crystal skipped inside the barn, smiling again, getting distracted from her mother being dead now and seems really happy now. She looked around the inside of the barn and loved it so much.

“Old place this is” said Matt. “ Bandit says it’s been here since, well as long as he can remember.”

The doll nodded at Matt “So, what are you guys suppose to be? I’m not really the one who has some knowledge about the human’s current lifestyle and groups. I’m just in the magic and kingdoms era”

“Well you see, we’re basically crime fighters. Bandit brought the four of us together to fight evil and to keep peace throughout the world. We fight everything from villains to demons and protect the innocent. Problem is, the law and the government don’t, particularly like us” said Matt.

Crystal set the doll down, so it can talk to Matt, then she ran off and played in the hay and with stuff that us around.

The doll looked at Crystal before looking back to Matt “You guys do look like you’d go to random and strange adventures everyday. Maybe the government is hiding a…” The doll trailed of as it looked at Matt, it’s button eyes slightly widening from what it was about to say. While they were talking, the green fog figures were still flying around Crystal to accompany her

“Yep, we certainly have some crazy adventures” said Matt. “ As for the government, they just hate us for, well…..,reasons.”

Crystal seemed to be having a blast, having fun out in the barn and playing with things. Crystal also never had seen a horse in her life, if there was horses there, she would have no idea what they were.

“Honestly it’s a hard but good life. I enjoy it myself, but it sure can get crazy sometimes” said Matt.

“Well, what’s life without some challenges along the way?” The doll tilted it’s head before looking at Crystal “What’s taking Bandit so long?”

“I don’t know” said Matt. Just then Bandit whistled from outside. “Speak of the devil. Come on” said Matt, walking out of the barn.

Crystal skipped over, follows Matt and picking the doll back up, holding it closely. She was smiling, happy to explore places she had never been before and see things she hasn't seen before.

“Great, you ready?” Ask the doll to Bandit “So, what did you bring?”

Bandit and Hannah were no longer wearing their casual clothing. Bandit was wearing what looked to be an old armored duster coat, hand built by the looks of it. Hannah was wearing a very ornate looking set of armor, seemingly made out of ebony, but looked light as a feather. “Alright” said Bandit to the doll, “We brought med kits, food, water, ammo (Just in case) and our weapons (Again, just in case) Sound good?”   

The doll sighed before speaking “Just don’t go pulling your weaponry out all suddenly like how you pulled out your gun on Crystal, got it?” It said looking at Hannah then back to Bandit “So, all we need now is Roselust to open the portal to the Grey Forest”

Crystal nodded to what the Doll said about the gun being pointed at her then looked at the Doll, and says in a small cute like voice, “Where is Roselust friend?”

“Trust me, we’ll be careful this time” said Hannah, “ain’t that right Bandit!” Bandit nodded, still feeling guilty about what happened earlier.

“Oh yeah, i’ll call her” The doll said looking down, seeming to be inactive as she was calling for Roselust. Then it looked up and out the barn “She’s waiting outside, she said that she’ll open the portal when we’re all out since it drains her magic. She’ll make the portal at the entrance cause the Queens are having an important meeting, and maybe get to the meet the girl that invaded Crystal and Rose’s kingdom” It said as it’s attire was changing into a more royal attire with the colors of the rainbow, not only to look pretty, but more presentable since the group was going into a meeting

Crystal smiled, liking the change the doll was making, even though liked what the doll looked normally. She wondered what the doll was going to do with the green gas versions of her since they were still there but she skipped out of the barn anyways just to find Roselust. She set the doll down after finding Roselust and gave her a big hug since it was a thanks to something that had not yet happened yet but she also just wanted the hug because she missed her mother a lot.

“Alright then” said Bandit, “we’re ready when you are.”

Roselust looked at Crystal and sighed before opening the portal, revealing a palace with the seven different colors. The doll made the green gas figures disappear as it flew in, followed by Roselust, t which the grey grass her feet touched instantaneously turned red with few cracks of green. The doll looked at Roselust’s feet before asking “Are you aggressive in anyway? I thought you were a blue soul, and the green cracks…?” Roselust shooked her head “Me and the queen of green souls made a deal, it’s why the green cracks on my trail and soul here” The doll nodded before looking at the group “C’mon, the queens might be expecting us”

Alright, come on Hannah” said Bandit, following The doll, Roselust and Crystal, closely followed by Hannah.

Crystal was smiling a lot, looking around in fascination.

Roselust walked over to the palace gets, talking to a couple of guards. The doll looked at Crystal smiling “Very pretty palace, but stay close. Some queens are meanies and hotheads” The doll said pouting at the thought. Looking at the groups feet, being curious on what soul they were. Hannah having a blue soul, Crystal having a yellow soul and Bandit having an orange soul “Guessing by your colored trail, i’d say we have more chances of having our offer accepted” The doll said smiling. Roselust siganling them to follow her in the palace

Bandit and Hannah followed. “Hey, Roselust, let me ask. What does it mean to have and orange soul?” asked Bandit.

Crystal was curious about her yellow soul and what it meant and she was also curious of that her mother’s soul would be, even though she had no clue of what ever happened with Rose before Crystal was born.

“Well, the orange soul is that you are brave, strong and would not back down on a fight” The grouped was now walking through the halls of the palace, decorated with chandeliers, statues and paintings from the past “The blue soul means that you are kind, and would heal. The yellow means that you are positive, most likely in a royal bloodline like Crystal. We will meet the queens of their respective souls, you may ask, but be careful. Some are very aggressive and negative around your soul types”

“Oh, Trust me. I’ll be careful this time” said Bandit.

Behind the group, was the girl who invaded Rose’s kingdom “HI BANDY~!!!” She yelled laughing “You causing any trouble here? I hope so, i always wanted a lifeless body of a mortal~!” She said as the group was in front of the meeting’s door “Bandit, you know her?” The doll asked

“Well, kinda. She was in Rose’s kingdom earlier. And, she was the most annoying thing, like EVER! I wish I could of.” He clenched his teeth as he said this. “I wish I could just punch her!!” He then looked down at the ground. “Sorry. I’m just a little frustrated” he said. “I wouldn’t really do something like that.”

“Oh phew, because she’s actually the queen of green souls’ daughter, so if you did punch her then…” The doll trailed off after what happened to the last time someone harmed the princess “Anywho, since we’re here” It said trying to change the subject, it knocked on the double gold doors. Moments later, a blue girl with a gown opened the door slightly before opening it fully, smiling “Ah, you must be the group. We were expecting some visitors” In the room, six queens were sitting around a circle glass table, looking at the group. The green girl behind Bandit ran for the green queen, sticking her tongue out at him

Bandit looked over at the girl, but paid no attention and continued to walk with the group.

Crystal was smiling so much, she kept holding the doll. She reached up and grabbed Hannah's hand, not wanting to get pulled away from their small group.

Hannah looked down and smiled at Crystal, then continued to walk with the group.

“So these are the mortals who wanted the Rose back?” Said the orange queen smirking “What’s so important about this Rose that you wish to bring back?” Asked the blue queen, looking at the group up and down “Why must it be important for a disturbance for a dead Rose, why not move on?” Asked the purple queen

Bandit looked up at the orange queen. He was about to say something back to the her about being ‘mortal’ (As he wasn’t 100% mortal). However he then thought better and kept his mouth shut.

Crystal used her quiet like voice to say her answer as bravely as possible, “Sh-she is my mommy… I want my mommy back…” Crystal’s eyes were filling with tears.

“Dear, i am terribly sorry about the others, we understand you pain” The yellow queen said “But, if you truly desire the Rose, then a price must be made” The red queen continued “You mother, you’ll be able to see” The orange queen revealed a cage which contained a red Rose “The final question is, do you agree?”

“Wait” said Bandit. “Before we accept this this, what’s the price.”

“One of you, except the doll and the red ghost, shall offer one’s soul” The green girl said, the girl giggling “So. What’s it gonna be? Decline and we keep the Rose you are looking for” The orange queen said swinging the cage she held “I do hope you decline, it’s a pretty deceased soul for the garden”

“What would happen to the person who gives there soul up…?” Crystal asked, kinda scared.

“Oh it’s simple dear, the person’s soul will take Rose’s place. But, instead of being in a cage for eternity” The yellow queen looked at the green giggling princess “They will be mindless monsters for all eternity! Just for my enjoyment, right mom?” She asked, the green queen supposedly her mother nodded sadly before clearing her throat “I did my best to avoid that soul exchange, i’m terribly sorry” She said, sadly looking at the yellow cage

Crystal kind just clings onto Hannah’s leg, scared of what to do, and didn't know what to do. “W-will they ever be freed o-or like killed t-to be free or something…?” Crystal asked, curiously but wanting to give up herself for her mother.

The red queen sighed for before speaking “Dear, there’s no such thing” the red queen looked at the little girl” “So, choose wisely. We wouldn't like any mistakes now do we?” The purple queen asked, blue mist flowing from the blue queen’s hands, revealing a somewhat familiar face. Rose

Crystal was crying and so wanted her mother back but she would give up her life for her mother, even though it may not be a good choice. There were a lot of secrets about Rose that she never told or tried to never tell. Rose was always trying to hard to keep her secrets locked up deep inside her. But some of those secrets were bad secrets, some of them were not good things.

“If you need time, you may stay in the guests’ room” The green queen said clapping her hands twice, the same maid who opened the door for the group entered, standing outside, awaiting the group

Bandit looked over at the others, all clearly not knowing what to do. “My friends, let us go to these ‘Guest rooms.’ I think I might have a plan.”

Crystal gripped Hannah’s hand tighter and nodded.

“Right this way” The maid said softly as she led the small group to the halls, ending to a greyed out door “This is where you’ll be staying, if you need anything than ring the bell inside to summon me” She bowed politely before walking back to the queens’ meeting. Back at the meeting room “Hmm, we might as well lock her in cursed garden. It will keep her soul safe and that Bandit out of trouble if he thinks of anything” The purple queen said, clasping her hands “Indeed, i shall. We, shall” The blue queen said opening a portal, the orange queen dropping it in without a care “Don’t be careless Ayami, it’s a precise toy” the daughter of green shades said smiling before skipping to spy on the group

Bandit walked into the room, waited for everyone to get in, then shut door. “Alright” he said. “I do have a plan to get Rose’s soul back. It may be a little risky, but just might work.”

The doll looked at Bandit “If you think that we’re gonna steal that soul, it won’t work! Even if we did manage to take her soul, we can’t resurrect her! It’s still a deceased soul!” The doll protest “Only the queens can do such a powerful magic, and we can’t force them, if we kill them, then they’ll just comeback. You’re not from here”. In the other side of the door, the green princess in her mist form was eavesdropping, mentally laughing

Crystal just stood there for a bit, holding Hannah’s hand while thinking but then spoke up, “I-I wanna do it…” She said in a small squeaky scared voice.

Bandit looked over at Crystal, then said to the doll “I don’t intended to ‘steal’ the soul. That would be just, well stupid. What I have in mind is very, very different. You see, as we walked to this room, I overheard the queens saying that they were going to put the soul in some garden place or somthin like that, meaning that it’s now impossible to just ‘take it.’ So, instead of taking it, we are gonna teleport it out of there, and into this very room. To do this, we’d need a very skilled Mage. And, luckily, it just so happens we have one right here.” He then looked over at Hannah, smiling. “Alright, yes I will admit, I am a mage” said Hannah, “A skilled Vampire Mage at that.” Bandit continued, “You see, Hannah could fiscally transport the soul from, well wherever the heck it is now to this room. As for it being deceased, if we take it back to my place, Hannah and me could use ancient spells and magic to well, revive it in the Dragonborn’s tomb,” Bandit then hesitated for a moment, then said, “which I totally forgot to tell you about. Ugh, I’ll explain later. Still, like I said, Risky, but I just might work. So, who’s with me?” Hannah nodded to show she was in.    

Crystal looked at the doll, wondering if the doll would think it would work.

The doll sweat dropped at the idea “I might as well be punished, the queens can easily trap me in here, blocking any portal out of here for me. And the garden? Did you really think that it’s in the same dimension?” The doll tilts its head “But, if you guys still want to be in this idea, i guess i’ll risk it. So be it, i’m willing to be trapped in here for the rest of my life” The doll said, determination trailing in it’s voice

“Alright, it’s decided then” said Bandit. “But,” he looked at the doll. “I ain’t havin ya get trapped here forever. We’ll try our best to get you out of here as well.” Bandit then smiled at the doll. “Trust me. I don’t leave no one behind.”

“Alright, i trust you” The doll said looking down “And umm, the garden is a separate universe, there is door for maids to care for the deceased since they’ll disappear if not monitored often”

Crystal just listened to the conversation for a bit but eventually yawned from being tired, wanting to sleep. She looked really tired too.

The doll looked up on Crystal “Maybe we should rest before doing this, it might take a bit” The doll said, shifting it’s clothings to a pink bunny pajama outfit “Oh, and about your wings, are they ok now?” Asked the doll, remembering the time that Bandit damaged them

Crystal shrugged, not having looked at them in a while. She would only really feel the pain of them being hurt when they are visible.

“Yea, we should really get some sleep Bandit” said Hannah. Bandit nodded in agreement. He then looked away from Crystal and the doll, still feeling annoyed over his previous actions.

”Alright, night everyone” The doll said before sleeping in Crystal’s harm. Outside, the green princess flew to her room that was in a different floor and started laughing “Oh boy, i like to see where this is going!” She said continuing to laugh like a maniac

Crystal kinda twitched a bit from hearing the green princess why off, she didn't know who it was but was curious on who. Crystal tugged on Bandit’s sleeve and pointed at the door.

The green princess’s laughter slowly died out as she wiped the tear streaming from her eyes “Never laughed like that in a while, right guys?” She asked to the different green animals one pawing her to a table, a tea party “Alright” She giggled before joining the party

Bandit looked down at Crystal. “What's wrong Crystal” he asked.

Crystal shook her head, knowing the green princess was gone and just skipped over to a bed, holding the doll and jumped onto it, falling asleep on top of the blankets.

The doll hung her head, it was already sleeping. After being carried around, guessing she was a heavy sleeper

Bandit however was still wondering about what Crystal had been worried about. He had always been the curious type, and he wasn’t going to leave the problem ‘unattended.’ When everyone (Including Hannah) was asleep, he quietly snuck out of the room, shutting the door silently. “Now, where to find the problem” he said to himself.   

Crystal slept peacefully with the doll as a small dragon like creature was flying around.

“Oh, we ran out of snacks” The green princess said looking at the table “Oh well, i’ll get more!” She added as she skipped past the door to the hall way where Bandit was in

The small dragon was a pretty fast flyer but at times had a hard time where it was going so it soon ran into the green princess while she was skipping down the hallway a bit after Bandit.

The green princess didn’t notice as she started humming Wolf in sheep’s clothing by Set It Off. Seeing Bandit “Ready making your choice?” She asked smiling

Bandit was startled for a moment, then said “No, I ain’t. As a matter of fact I heard a noise. A ‘not good’ sounding noise. Wait, why do you wanna know anyway? Dam it! I said too much.”

“Noise? What noise?” The green princess said tilting her head “I may be mean, but i’m still a curious little thing, not only that, i wanted to know since this is my home and i have my concerns on it. Besides, i was just gonna get some snacks. Sheesh” She said pouting

Bandit looked at the girl for a few seconds, then began to walk back towards his room.

The green princess just continued to skip to the kitchen where she peaked between the kitchen, seeing a color switching soul. She picked it up and skipped back to her room

“I still think she’s crazy” said Bandit to himself. “Still, what can you do.” He then returned who the room as quietly as he had left.

That small dragon was still there, all alone and having no one, seeming lost and scared.

As Bandit was entered the room and was shutting the door, he noticed the dragon outside. “What the hell?” he said to himself.  

It stood up and started to wander around the floor, not really going anywhere, going in like circles and seeming so confused.

The green princess reached her room as the soul floated on her hand “I found the doll’s soul!” She announced to her little companions. She touched the soul in a particular area. The doll was oozing out black goo out of her eyes for no apparent reason

Crystal did not know this since she was peacefully asleep and hugging the doll, smiling in her sleep and not sensing anything.

Bandit walked over to the little dragon a picked it up slowly. “Hey there little thing” said Bandit.

The green princess sat the orb aside and called out for her bat “Hello, it’s your turn to go around the palace!” She said happily, opening her door and the bat instantaneously flew out the door as it explored the palace before its time runs out

The small dragon had no clue what was going on and looked around everywhere, curiously of what had picked her up.

Bandit stared at the small dragon with curiosity, wonder how the hell it got there

It didn't seem to have a name tag as if it was a pet but it also seemed to not be able to balance correctly for some reason.

The doll coughed roughly, spilling some black goo on the bed. It was still asleep. The green princess gave the doll’s soul to her companions. The bat flew by the hall and saw Bandit holding the dragon. It grabbed on the roof’s corner as it observed

Bandit stared at the dragon, then said kindly, “Come on ya little thing, I’ll keep ya safe,” He then walked back into the bedroom, shutting the door behind him.

The dragon wobbled about when Bandit walked inside, having a really hard time to stay balanced and fell at one point, falling on top of her wing while in his hand.

Bandit carefully put the dragon down on a small table then walked over to the bathroom.

The dragon tried to stand but up but only to walk on her wing again and trip, faceplanting into the table.

The doll woke up groaning. It looked at the dragon, then at the room “Why is there a dragon here?” It said

“Meh, it was outside and It looked lonely” said Bandit from the bathroom.

The dragon struggled to stand back up and was just standing on one of her wings, staring at Bandit, tilting it's head.

Bandit looked over at the dragon, then smiled. “He also looks kinda cute.”

She stopped struggling and hissed at Bandit and kinda blew a small puff of fire at home which didn't really reach him or harm anything but was just out of angry.

“Or should I say she” said Bandit. “Sorry little dragon.”

She calms down soon and curls up happily.

Bandit smiled again, came walking out of the bathroom, and sat down in a chair. He took of his hat, covering his eyes with it and began to go off to sleep.

The green princess giggled softly at the orb. She was able to see what the doll sees “Hm, no wonder why my bat came back late” She muttered. The doll laid her head down, going back to sleep

Bandit snored quietly in the chair, clearly tired as hell.

The dragon looked around the room a bit but eventually fell asleep as well.


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